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Courtnie Costello
Really love these healthy treats!

My golden retriever LOVESSS these sweet potato chips! She gets so excited when she sees the bag

Thank you for making the LOVE!

Treats are incredible with the coconut! My dogs love these too! Packaging great.. air tight and resealable!

Smell amazing! Dogs obsessed!

Charley and Louie are obsessed by these treats. I love that all ingredients are organic. I look forward to opening up that package myself because they smell so good! Will definitely be reordering!

Definitely recommend!

Goldie absolutely loves these beef bites ! She will do all her tricks for one ! Definitely recommend and the ingredients are amazing!

Love them.

My golden retriever Goldie LOVES the treats ! They are so healthy and yummy! We freeze them too! and she just loves it!

Doggie loves them!!!

My 3 year old Shiba Inu is a picky eater and we try to only buy natural food and treats. I came across these treats at a holiday fair recently and bought a couple bags. My dog loves them!!! I will definately be back for more in the near future. Thank you.

All Natural Love Bites
Sparky's favorite treats!!

Sparky absolutely loved these treats and wouldn't stop following me around after I gave them to him. He's a picky eater and normally only likes 'people food' but he loved these healthy snacks. Couldn't recommend enough!!

All Natural Love Bites
Kristen Dinan
Organic, safe and tasty

Our dog loves these treats and my kids love giving them to him! We have the smaller heart shaped ones that are fun and easy to take out, they come in a reusable/resealable bag, they don’t have a foul odor or leave a film on your hands like the other dog treats out there, and I love that they are made with safe organic ingredients! Our family pup loves them and they have been easy on his sometimes sensitive stomach! 10/10 recommend

Great Treats!

My dog loves these treats ❤️ and I love that they are all natural!

All Natural Love Bites
Harry lazarus
Max loves these treats

Our dog loves these and they are settling his delicate stomach

All Natural Love Bites
LOVE the Love Bites!

My dog absolutely loved these treats! She is an odd ball and has never been interested in any kind of treat with peanut butter in it….but she cannot get enough of the Love Bites! The treats being heart shaped of course prompted the cutest photoshoot and that was just the cherry on top! I will definitely be placing another order of these healthy, tasty treats for my girl :) 10/10

All Natural Love Bites

Not only are these treats safe, healthy and delicious, but your dog will go absolutely crazy for them every time. My dog never gets tired of her love bites. Her eyes light up every time, I even put one on top of her food every morning as a little AM treat. I am so happy I found a company that makes treats I can feel good about giving my dog that I love so much. Fresh, made to order, no nonsense ingredients. I will be ordering weekly. Thank you A Slice of Heaven!

All Natural Love Bites
Both dogs LOVE these treats!

My dogs absolutely love the love bites. One is super picky about her treats but she gobbles these down. They're a great size for training use too. Definitely a great buy plus I don't feel so bad about giving them extra treats because the ingredients are so good!!!

All Natural Love Bites
Lisa Lagatella
Wholesome, healthy dog treat!

My puppy, Sammie, loves his A Slice of Heaven treats! Once he sees me grab the bag of treats he eagerly sits down, keeping his eyes on the bag until I give him one. It's wonderful knowing these are healthy, organic treats with no preservatives. Thank you A Slice of Heaven for creating and baking the best dog treat available.

My dog goes CRAZY for these!

We found these treats while at the street fair in Nyack. We loved that they were homemade with organic ingredients. Our frenchie absolutely loves them and we love supporting someone local who cares about the ingredients in each love bite.

So glad we can order online now!