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A Slice of Heaven for Earth's Angels

Gift Card

Gift Card

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  • Hand Crafted with Care
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Ships Fresh on Mondays

Give the gift of wagging tails and happy taste buds! Whether it's a special occasion or just a token of appreciation, our gift cards are the perfect way to show your love for both the recipient and their beloved furry companion.

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How long do the Love Bites last?

We take pride in the fresh quality of our all natural dog treats.

All of our products are baked, cooled and immediately packaged in vacuum packed containers for maximum freshness.

Due to the special cooking process that removes all of the moisture, all of our products, when stored in a cool dry place, can maintain their freshness for up to 3 months.

Please note that while our treats are made with the highest quality ingredients and do not contain any preservatives, their freshness can be influenced by environmental conditions. We recommend storing them in an airtight container to maintain their texture and flavor for as long as possible.

Do Mini Love Bites need to be refrigerated?

While our Mini Love Bites do not contain any preservatives, they do not require refrigeration due to the low heat cooking process which removes the moisture while maintaining the ingredients nutrient value and giving them that crunch that dogs love.